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Mould Remediation

For Mould Remediation we use Concrobium Mould Control is a ground breaking and market trendsetter product that effectively destroys existing mould and prevents mould re-growth and eliminating musty odors and made with no harmful chemicals.

We are Mould Remediation experts. We first examine the mould, secondly find out what is causing the mould, arrange with the home owner to first fix the moisture problem. Then we make sure the area is dry, after checking with a moisture meter. When the area is ready for mould remediation we fog the infected area with Concrobium Mould Remover. Then we scrub the area using a dry brush. If there is mould stains we use Concrobium Mould Stain Eraser. We then wipe away the stain.We then reapply Concrobium Mould Solution to form a barrier hindering further growth of Mould.

Mould Remediation
Concrobium Mould Control

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